Limousine Affiliate Network

Fleet Requirements

Vehicles must be black, no more than 4 years old, fully fueled before each trip, and in good working/mechanical condition.

All vehicles should be sparkling clean, interior and exterior and have appropriate licensing and Insurance to be on the road.

We recognize that no two events are the same and tailor our services to your needs and requirements. We accommodate individual travelers and groups, single trips and multiple groups.

Chauffeur Requirements

Chauffeurs must all be clean shaven, dressed in a black suit and tie, white shirt, black shoes,

and must always act professionally. All chauffeurs must speak English.

Service Standards

Chauffeurs are required to use a NorthEastern Limousine sign all pickups and only hand out NorthEastern Limousine business cards.

Always arrive 10 minutes early for all pickups and assist with any luggage and open and hold all doors.

Chauffeurs must know directions and never ask the client where to go. All routes should be pre-planned prior to all pickups.

Chauffeurs must all be equipped with a cellular phone and reachable by Northeastern Limousine at all times.

Any additional stops or change in itinerary should be communicated to NorthEastern Limousine so that we can give authorization.

If a chauffeur is going to be late please our dispatcher must be notified immediately.

If you cannot locate our client please notify our dispatcher immediately so that we can decide whether or not to release the vehicle.

Affiliate chauffeurs should only engage in casual conversation. Respect client's privacy & keep all conversations confidential.

Affiliate chauffeurs should never ask a client for a gratuity or request payment. Northeastern Limousine is responsible for all payments to affiliates.

Never stop for gas or any other reason, unless asked by the client.

Never smoke in the car.

Never take personal calls while any client is in the vehicle.

Never argue or disagree with the client. Always be respectful.

Never discuss rates with the client, always refer them to NorthEastern Limousine.

Any service problem should be communicated to NorthEastern Limousine as soon as you are made aware.

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Affiliate must never farm-out our reservations without Northeastern Limousine knowledge.

Reservations will be sent via email or text. Please confirm each reservation.

If you cannot accommodate a reservation please notify our office immediately.

A no-show will not be granted unless a call is made to our dispatch department and a release is granted by our dispatcher.

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Payment / Billing

Affiliates will honor a 2-hour cancellation policy with no charge to NorthEastern Limousine.

Do not issue receipts to NorthEastern Limousine customers.

Affiliates must send final charges no later than 48 hours of completion of each trip. This will ensure timely payments.

Please list the charges separately (base, gratuity, parking, tolls, etc.) Charges can be emailed (

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if there is a special request don't hesitate to ask.

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