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American Taxi Salem MA

Halloween also known as the spooky day celebrated on October 31 st each year. known also as the day of the dead . People dress up in costumes some funny some scary at  everyone discretion. scary movie night, ghost stories, hunted houses, It is a night event, where kids in company of their parents goes trick-or-treating in the neighborhood and what a good way to know your neighbors.

Halloween is a busy event that requires a lo of attention and at all time for moving vehicles. Northeastern limousine’s driver are instructed to be careful on the residential not lighted area to use there hazard light and to drive slowly.

Halloween isn’t for kids only the adult like to use a limousine to get to Salem people travel from around the world to visit Salem during October. to celebrate this festivity that features hundreds of attractions, museums, tours that are in Salem throughout the year.

Salem, MA, is recognized for its history of the tragic Salem Witch Trials of 1692, it is wise to book your car for the day. It gets very busy on Halloween day to get a ride. from Boston Logan airport or anywhere your pickup can be to attend the events. We offers door to door car service to get you refresh, charged and ready for your celebration.

Traffic and parking during Salem Halloween events visitors are encouraged not to drive as the number of parking are very limited compare to the huge number of visitors, your car can be towed and you get stranded, the authorities advice the people to use public transportation or easy to hire car services and limousines and there big seated vehicles as a 15 passenger van, don’t procrastinate as the vehicle you may be looking for can’t be available.

Salem MA car service is a must for any occasion. it is the smart way to get around. It is busy and crowded, with late night celebrations.

If you are visiting Salem on Halloween day, and you are flying to Boston Logan airport car service is at your service by calling 781-767-7500 always live person and we answer within the 2nd ring 24/7/365 holidays included, Book Your Car and save 10% off our already reduce prices.

A Brief Overview of the Logan Airport!

The largest airport in New England, the Logan Airport is situated in East Boston which serves more than 39 million passengers every year.  The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) once named Logan airport as one of the easiest airports to get to. Also, the federal Transportation Security Administration named it as the Airport of the Year in 2018 because of its relatively fast security checkpoints. But that does not mean that getting to and from the Logan airport is easy or hassle-free!

Getting There

Although you can take up public transportation on the T system of Boston area or get the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Silver Line bus from the South Station that stops at every Logan terminal! But if you are in a hurry or want luxurious, timely and convenient airport transportation to or from Logan Airport, then you need a reliable and experienced Logan Airport car service like us at NorthEastern Limousine. When you book our car service from the airport one of our chauffeurs will wait for you with a welcoming smile at the airport along with a sign board of your name!

Few Facts about the Logan Airport

  • The official name of the Logan airport is General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport, dedicated to a military officer and elected official from Boston who died in 1939.
  • The airport has six runways and for passenger terminals (A, B, C, and E).
  • You can find 94 gates with contact jet bridges and nine regional jet gates.
  • The Logan Airport is served by 43 airlines.
  • This airport is the major center for Delta flights.
  • From Logan, there are direct flights to 76 domestic and 58 international destinations.

Nearby Stays

If you are new to Logan or on a business trip and looking for a nearby stay, then there are several hotels that you can find near the airport. Some of the options are as follows:

Hilton Boston Logan Airport –

The Hilton is connected to Logan via a sky bridge and a shuttle service, and hence it is probably the most convenient option for you.

Embassy Suites Boston –

The Embassy Suites is a five-minute drive away from Logan and is accessible through a free shuttle, and you can also find few restaurants in walking distance to satisfy your hunger pangs!

Hyatt Regency Boston Airport –

Hyatt Regency is located next to Logan where you can reach via a free shuttle service. This hotel offers harbor views, and the Faneuil Hall Marketplace in downtown Boston is at a short distance from the hotel.

Even if you have chosen a hotel or lodge at a larger distance from the Logan Airport, you need not have to worry about the transportation as we at NorthEastern Limousine will provide you with a punctual, comfortable, and hassle-free Logan Airport car service. We will make sure that you have an enjoyable trip here.

To know more about our services or book our services give us a call at 781-767-7500 or email us at

5 Good Reasons to Hire Boston Airport Car Service

To shorten the long cold New England winter, most of new Englander take a short break to warmer destinations missing a flight or connection is the last thing in people mind it is very important to decide on how you get to the airport and back, whether to hire a Boston airport car service or drive yourself.

Not sure whether a Logan airport car service is the right choice?
Getting to the airport can be a stressful process.if you don’t know who you are hiring, Boston Airport Car Service can get you to you on time and relaxed.

1. Convenience
The last thing you have to worry about your trip is to get there on time and not missing your flight, book another flight isn’t fun with all the arrangements already made.

at Boston car service we made it our mission not to put our passenger in that delama a day before your trip you will get a friendly reminder via text message or a phone call. We know the importance of being on time. that why the day of the service you will be getting 2 text messages one when the driver is dispatched and one when he arrives. We are staffed 24/7/365 holidays included we get you covered.

2. Time-Saving
While traveling somewhere by plane, you need to show up earlier. You can’t take a chance by relying on anyone else but the Boston car service.

We’ll make sure you’ll be there on time.

Trust Logan airport service drivers and staff with many years of experience, in the Airport transportation services you will be driven by someone professional and personable who knows more than one ways to get you to the airport by avoiding peak traffic, road work and detours.
getting to the airport and ahead of time is most.

3. Experienced Chauffeur

Another significance of airport car service comes with an experienced and well-trained driver. who goes thru extensive background checks as well as screen tests.

4. Multitasking
You may need to send some last minute emails or make a phone call before getting on the flight. You might have to revise the essential documents thoroughly. With a professional chauffeur behind the wheels, you can handle your responsibilities without having to keep eye on the road.
just sit back relaxing and enjoy the ride.

5. No Parking Fees
The budget lots are often located far away from the airport terminal. While most lots provide shuttles to the airport, the shuttles are often slow, crowded, and inconvenient. Passengers must wait for the shuttle to arrive at their airline’s terminal location and with that extra element of unpredictable timing, travelers might find themselves cutting it too close. Airport car service drive passengers to there terminal on time, every time. There’s no waiting for the shuttle in inclement weather or counting down the minutes while other passengers get on and off.

Final Consideration

Been driven to Boston Logan Airport is a must.

Boston Airport car service provides a pleasant, time efficient and super convenient ground transportation to the airport at a very budgeted flat rate.

After all, hiring a Boston airport car service is the most comfortable way to arrive at the airport on time and rested. Let your professional and personable chauffeur drive you. Contact us today, at 781-767-7500 We answer our phone with the second ring!

3 Tips Every Bride Should Consider for Wedding Transportation

When there’s a wedding to be planned in the future, most couples look at it as the important and happiest experience in their new life together. This means, there are enough things that should be well-prepared to make sure that the big day goes by smoothly.

While most couple often forgets to add on their priority list, wedding limo service in Boston is going to impact on your entire day. So, if you want to have a Boston wedding limo service throughout your festivities, here are a few things you should consider beforehand:

1. Are there guests you have to think about?

Some people may have a perception that only the happy couple needs a wedding limo to take them from the ceremony to the reception and that’s all. Others may want to make sure that their guests are well taken care of in a stylish, comfortable way.

This means you may need a stretch limousine for yourself, spouse and immediate family members or even a full-size van for 14 close wedding guests. Therefore, you should understand your needs and make bookings beforehand.

2. Book six months before for being safe.

You aren’t going to be planning for your wedding to be held next week and you’ll set your date for a year sometimes more away to be safe. This timeline will give you ample time to plan for everything including Boston wedding limo service.

Try to be an early bird and make bookings six months before your date, especially if you’re planning your wedding during a peak season like summer. Don’t wait until the last minute. Taking your time regarding this could mean none limos are available for you on the wedding day.

3. It would be best if you planned your schedule.

Take your time to plan how the wedding day will go. Do you want to get captured at some beautiful venues? Do you have sufficient time for people to get from the venue to the reception or any other destination you may have planned? Consider the traffic conditions for your schedule to allow for possible delays.

Final Consideration –

You should take all of the above factors into consideration while scheduling wedding limo service in Boston. All you want is the day to go as smoothly as possible. For this reason, you need to plan for things that don’t go as per the planning and comes with contingencies.

This is where Northeastern Limousine comes in, and we’re there for you on your wedding day! So what are you waiting for? Consider booking Boston wedding limo service today and let us do what we do the best in Boston!

Kids Transportation Services in Boston MA

The parents and students we transport appreciate our commitment to making sure each kid safely and efficiently arrives at their destination.

While quality service is important but isn’t always enough. At a time when education dollars are stretched thin, cost reduction is critical. Schools are considering alternative delivery ways to reduce costs. schools aim to transit students from the traditional diesel gazer big yellow school buses to more fuel-efficient vans, minivans, and sedans. this decision is saving schools up to 30%. Not all car service Boston qualify to drive a kid to school it takes certain characteristic to be a kid’s driver a safe professional driver who is already parents of Northeastern Limousine and return your focus on education.

Kids Transportation

Communities across the country rely on transportation services to get to work, car shopping services, transportation doctor’s appointments, and other everyday activities.Our car charter services for both private and public offer airport car services Boston, kids to and from schools Boston south station car service and bus terminal services, kids sports music practices, school transportation to private and state colleges, university hospitals transportation, state to state car transportation….

While college is overwhelming for both parents and their children to be on their own and for the first time without parents supervision.

The youngsters and a not regulated Uber aren’t safe don’t let them be a statistic, avoid this added stress by hiring a car service?

We provide cheap, safe and reliable town car service Boston Logan airport to and from any private schools transportation in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island. Maine and Vermont


No need to deal with your kids transportation problem.

. A child who doesn’t have his or her driver’s license.

. Not feeling comfortable having your kids drive themselves yet, with all distraction not paying attention around from texting and be on phone.

They’ll appreciate being driven in luxury cars, a child coming home from a long semester of college, the last thing they probably want to do is get off a long airplane flight and have to cram themselves into a taxi car service, Getting off the plane and finding a chauffeur waiting for them holding a sign with their name on it is a great way to welcoming them home.

All school schedules happen at the same time if you’ve got multiple children going a different direction, it is challenging.With today economy both parents have to work and who has the time.

Kids/ Grand Parents these days have schedules just as hectic as their parents. it can leave working parents with no time to work in between all these drop-off and pick-up. it is not practical. We have a good sense of logistics to figure out how to get two different passengers to opposite ends of town for appointments at the same time.

We take pride in what we do keeping our vehicles meticulously maintained and clean inside and out, to ensure safety and reliability. every vehicle undergoes a full inspection. We adhere to the recommended maintenance schedule.

Boston car service individually values each and every client. We are trained to understand and anticipate your needs and are committed to customizing our services to fit your requirements. Enjoy your ride! book your car service online or call us at 781-767-7500