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Black or White Wedding Limousines – The Best Limousine Service

There is no doubt your wedding day is the most important day of your life plan it well to make sure the memories last forever. There is a certain task not to ignore from pickling your wedding outfits, wedding cakes to hiring a wedding limousine Boston. wedding guest transportation, wedding guest shuttle service, wedding limousine rental gives excitement and special feeling to your wedding day. We’re the perfect addition to your team of professional wedding organizer.

Why white is the way to go.
Whenever someone sees a white limo, they know it’s part of a wedding limousine services, and that guessing is usually correct. In fact, when people decide to hire a limousine for a wedding, 85 percent of the time is a white limo car and a Lincoln.

wedding limo service

On the other hand, black limousine is less conventional selection when it comes to selecting your special day limo. black limousine is usually associated with proms, corporate events. While not too many prefer renting Black limo as their wedding limousine rental, still white symbolizes wedding limousine services.

Why a long white limousine.

• A white limo is easy to embellish, you can effortlessly to decorate a limo with beautiful streamers or flowers which distinguishes it from other vehicles in the crowd.

• White is also a unique color that infuses an element of luxury and sophistication to your special day

• At the church it makes a stand there is a wedding going on, a white vehicle is more photogenic.

• The white of the limousine can provide a coordinated look with the white of the bride’s gown

• If the couple plans to wear colored attire the white limousine provide a beautiful contrast to photographs.

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Ways Parents and kids can be Prepared for Prom Night with Prom Limo Rental Boston

Spring is here, and that means it’s prom season. leaving many parents on the edge of panic trying to figure out how to best prepare their teens for their big night. Reassure them by planning a limousine rental Boston.

limousine service for prom has become a must in Massachusetts, it is as important as the dress or the tux you wearing, the hair and dancing prom.

Reserve early as the prom season is one of the busiest times of the year for limousine companies. If you delay you risk missing out on your dream ride.

Boston prom limo

Pricing: Northeastern limo for prom Boston offers a cheap prom limo packages.

Many school superintendents, in the dash to arrange the prom event & conclude spring semester, may forget to take some crucial steps that are meant to keep students safe throughout the high school events. Here are 4 tips from a leading Boston prom limo service to enhance your school’s prom safety tips.

So you can enjoy your prom night, and give parents peace of mind.

Develop student awareness: Provide your students with sensible and easy tips on how to make their cheap prom limousines safe & pleasurable.

This involves reminding them to talk about their prom party itinerary beforehand with their friends to make sure everyone is on board.

Encourage students to attend prom-in-group and remain with that group until the end of the celebration. These tips should be explained to the prom goers, it’s important for the parents to express their thoughts and concerns.

Make safety the first concern: Majority of the Boston schools have a prom planning committee in place. to make sure safety top priority.

They must take into account all the probable emergency circumstances and the plan of action would be if they have to deal with such problems. kids with the chronic disease.

Insist on a no-alcohol & a no smoking policy: Alcohol & drug are major safety risks. Imposing punitive actions on students – can safeguard the school authority from the possible liability & decrease the possibility that banned substances will appear at the prom venue. This policy must be clearly explained and added to the prom contract.

Northeastern Limos has strict rules for prom night! Our well-appointed prom limo service in Boston ensures kids safety.

We do not allow any alcoholic beverages in our limos and also do not allow anyone to smoke in our prom limousines. We are really proud to offer absolute fun for kids with safety in mind for the parents. Call us at 781-767-7500.

The Danger That Comes by Using Ride Sharing App, the Small Business Destroyer

your state and the country as a whole incredible how one big corporation built for profit only can find huge support, from Governments countrywide with there regulation and high fees that apply only to small businesses, destroying what makes America a great it is dangerous for numerous reasons.

A ride-sharing app like UBER and Lyft are becoming more and more tolerated especially with young adults who prefer next to nothing thinking like car service is out of their price range not true. Unfortunately, many ride-sharing apps are incredibly misleading dangerous and not transparent. PRICE SURGE, BEEN DRIVEN PRICED TO THE LONGEST ROUTE AND DRIVER THE SHORTEST ONE DOUBLE DIPPING CHARGING YOU MORE AND PAYING THE DRIVERS LESS.

Car Service

Ride-sharing app work by allowing any person who has a driving license NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED to become drivers no commercial insurance is necessary just a driving license a clean driving record doesn’t mean good driver just someone who might never own a car UBER can help you get a car for a slavery wage and the one who has one but has no clue driving under pressure, snowy road, handling road rage no defensive driving skills, road closure, detour that get nowhere, find himself in areas he never been before, a not reliable individual driver screening system.

There are two App one for a passenger to give the highest price based on the longest way to charge more.

Another one for the driver with the most direct and quickest way to pay them less what we call DOUBLE DIPPING.

People by using Uber and lyft you are encouraging these bad behaviors, If you like Uber and Lyft then you should love us We can beat their prices on long distances with professional drivers who are fed up with all this.

Do you know that page that most users of ride-sharing app click through in a few seconds to use? They made it so simple that you are deterred from reading the long terms and conditions aren’t too long to read especially in a smartphone small print? That dictates whether or not you are protected if anything bad happens. In most cases, if you are in an accident while riding in a ride-sharing car and injured, there is no guarantee that you will be covered by the insurance of the car driver or the ride-sharing service as they do call them even subcontract. In many cases, the insurance of the driver will not cover damages if the accident occurs while the driver was using the car for commercial purposes. This could leave you to drag the driver to court to cover expenses and the corporation is off the hook.

Another issue for those that use ride-sharing is safety. Just like you will never know for sure whether or not your driver is a trustworthy person, uber drivers are well known to the media worldwide, don’t be next. A drunk woman alone with predators is a good combination for a rape and abuse get yourself into a world of trouble by entering the car of a person who means to do you harm.


Northeastern Limousine is family owned business all our staff is parents. We have diverse selections of vehicles that enable us to provide our clients with the professional, reliable cheap car service. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is what makes us successful.

We provide safe, distinctive, comfortable, and reliable travel services in Boston, New England, surrounding cities and States, CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT. We only hire the best drivers and perform extensive background checks.

one day my wife says to me that she which I treat her the way I treat my customer, I reply only when she pays me!


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